At its core, coliving is about sharing living spaces with like-minded individuals who value collaboration, community, and a more sustainable way of living. This concept, often associated with young professionals, freelancers, and digital nomads, has gained traction worldwide for several compelling reasons. With a focus on collaboration and shared amenities, coliving is reshaping the way we live in urban environments. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle choice that aligns with the needs and values of today’s urban citizens.


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Why coliving?

Coliving embraces the values of flexibility, sustainability and community

Obtaining a long-term lease can be quite challenging in today’s market. Moreover, committing to one can be daunting, especially for newcomers to a city who may want to explore their options before settling down in a specific area. Moving into a new home can also entail significant expenses for furniture and home appliances, which might appear unnecessary if you intend to reside there for only a year or a short period. Coliving provides a flexible alternative where the lease itself is adaptable, and all the essentials you require are already arranged in your new home.

What’s included?

We strive to make your life as enjoyable and fullfilling as we can, which is why your accommodation with us includes a variety of services.

Founded in 2016

Our story

It all began with a profound frustration over the challenging housing circumstances that many young adults face in urban areas across Sweden. Convinced that there had to be better solutions to improve this situation, our founders united in 2016 to establish the company now known as Udda. Specializing in compact living, the team aimed to create housing opportunities in often overlooked spaces and offer property management services that provided a seamless and effortless investment experience for property owners. Drawing from our accumulated experiences and alarming trends, such as the prevalence of loneliness among young adults, rental contract scams, and the absence of flexible housing solutions, we realized that more could be accomplished. Udda’s response to these challenges was the introduction of its coliving concept in 2020.


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