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Repurposing existing buildings

In the face of both a climate crisis and a housing shortage, the significance of utilizing our existing buildings cannot be overstated, given that the construction of new buildings significantly contributes to CO2 emissions. At Udda, we are strongly committed to repurposing existing structures and revitalizing them—a mission in which we excel. Our concepts are highly effective, whether they involve adapting the entire building or specific sections.

By transforming exisiting buildings we will achieve:

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Urban revitalization
  • Lower vacancies
  • Increased valuation

A look into our projects

Read more about some of our active coliving concepts and how we helped other property owners efficiently use vacant space and enhance their returns.

Conversion of a nursing home

Saved from demolition

This property, formerly serving as a nursing home, stood vacant, necessitating either a change in its purpose or facing demolition to make way for a new building. Together with HSB Skåne, the property underwent a transformation into a coliving space through renovations that maximized the use of the existing floor plan, thereby minimizing resource consumption while preserving the integrity of the coliving layout in terms of both design and functionality.

In this project, Udda is responsible for the FF&E and the day-to-day coliving operations.

HSB Copartment received for this project a nomination and became a finalist for the “Housing Project of the Year” award presented by Guldhemmet in 2022. “

Large sized apartments

From vacancy to long-term lease

In the same building, two spacious apartments that had previously served as diplomatic residences were transformed into coliving spaces for ten residents. This conversion was achieved through innovative design concepts, upgrades, and carefully selected FF&E, all accomplished without the need for any structural alterations.

Transitioning from recurrent vacancies to long-term contracts with zero vacancy risk ensures stable and predictable income, while also reducing the property management demands for the property owner.

Working with community

Community and building strong social bonds is at the core of our business. We know that it can be pretty daunting moving to a new country, or even just a new city. We’ll provide our members with everything they need to hit the ground running. From premium co-living spaces with a strong sense of community to pointers on everything from finding the tastiest falafel to the most spectacular museum.

Udda community

Creating social value

• Attentive recruitment and matchmaking
• Hands-on onboarding and offboarding processes
• Everyday 9-to-5 service
• Weekly presence in the spaces
• Community events
• Members app for social engagement

Are you the right partner?

Assets that match our concept

  • Blocks of smaller units (150-300 sqm each)
  • Property/part of property (1000-5000 sum BTA)
  • Attractive location
  • Need for new purpose

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